November 13, 2017

CM Famalam Show May 6, 1999

This is an early CM Famalam Show from 1999 featuring Bad Seed, Pumpkinhead, and Yeshua with DJ Eli playing beats, and another session with Dr Becket and K-Skills. Full 4 hour show courtesy of Aleph.

November 10, 2017

Underground Railroad 10th Anniversary

WBAI 99.5 Underground railroad 10th anniversary show from February 3, 2001 featuring DJ Spinna and Monk-One doing a mix of underground type hip hop and breaks for the last half. Dope show.

November 4, 2017

NY Live 89.1 December 1996 (demos & freestyles)

This is another pause edit special with strictly demos and freestyles. New York Live WNYU 89.1 during December of 1996. The first half of the show had some unreleased demos from Last Emporer, Nas, and Natural Elements, I'm pretty sure that was Cien Smooth and TO Sweet subbing in for Mayhem and Sunset. Then the tape had a freestyle session with Eddie Brock and L Fudge, then Half A Mill, then Choclair, then AK Skills. I'm guessing this must have the highlights from  2 or 3 different  shows.

October 26, 2017

Re-Up: Halftime Show - July 2000 (Allies, CamRon, McGruff)

One of my favorite Halftime Shows right here, from July of 2000. I used to kill this tape. The show features DJ sets from Spictacular, J-Smoke, DJ Infamous, and DJ A-Trak (of the Allies) and a freestyle session with Camron, McGruff and a little bit of Jim Jones, along with DJ Riz on the mix. I think DJ AV was co-hosting but I didn't get much of the talking. Peace to DJ Eclipse who wasn't in the studio that night, and didn't have a copy of this audio.

October 21, 2017


I'm switching over to Mixcloud for my uploads now. I've gotten a few complaints about Hulkshare and it doesn't seem to generate many views. I'm hoping Mixcloud will give the stuff I post a wider reach, so if you do have a Mixcloud, please follow/subscribe.

Stretch & Bobbito 6-1-1995 (Phantasm, Craig G)

This is a Stretch & Bobbito pause edit special from summer 1995. The tape starts with Raekwon, and then Stretch plays 'Hey Mr. Mr.' (an unreleased track from Kool G Rap), which ended up getting him suspended from the station the following week. For those unfamiliar, the track was a T-Ray production that G Rap used for a really grimy track about beating up his (fictional) girlfriend. It was recorded during the 4,5,6 sessions, pretty sure Stretch pressed up the white label.

Following that there's a lengthy freestyle session with Phantasm from Cella Dwellas along with Craig G, over maybe 5 different instrumentals. The tape caught the entire krunch time session until the show ended, with Lord Sear and Benni B also in the studio. 

October 8, 2017

CM Famalam Show 9-9-1999

This is a CM Famalam Show from September 9, 1999 featuring Oktober, BOE, and graffiti writers James TOP and Keo. This was a submission from a while back from Relm, with a help out from Jamo on the re-up. This is near the 4 full show. Hot topics of the day were political prisoners being released, and also showcases going off for Mumia.

September 7, 2017

CM Famalam Show 1999

Featuring Rapper Ness. Only have the first two hours here, and pretty sure this one's courtesy of the philaflava forums from a while back.

September 3, 2017

Halftime 14th Anniversary Show

Peace to Eclipse for uploading this to his mixcloud. I was actually in the studio this night along with P Original (R.I.P.). It was a cool experience meeting two of my favorite DJ's growing up, and being able to stand in the studio I heard them broadcasting from weekly. This show is a banger, lot of classic freestyles from years past. Miss the Halftime show.

August 19, 2017

CM Famalam Show 2000

This show features Chairman Mao and Citizen Kane doing guest spots to promote their Selects 001 CD. Lot of funky 45's and rare records on this one. I think I might have paused this show a few times during recording. Check out the interview I did with Citizen Kane a while back if you missed it.